The Most Bizarre Catch Ever


It had started as a hazy morning, and it looked to be a perfect day for reeling in the big ones. I settled in for a long, peaceful day ahead, and cast my lines into the murky water.

A couple of hours later, and nothing was biting. I tried all different kinds of lures, and was reaching the bottom of my pile of tricks to bring the fish in. I was about to pack it up and call it a day, when I noticed something tugging on my line. Hope began to rise. Maybe the day wasn’t going to be a bust after all!

I threw everything down and began to reel it in with all my energy. It seemed to be a big one, the way it was fighting back. I continued to struggle with the monster until at last, it was almost at the surface.

I reached down with my net to scoop him up, and the strangest contraption I had ever seen was attached to my hook. Not a big fish, like I expected. Not even a tiny fish. Just some kind of mouthguard or something.

I decided it was really time now to give it up for the day. The only thing I was struggling with was this newfangled mouthpiece, and that certainly wasn’t worth my time.

As I made it back to shore and caught up with a few of my buddies, frustratedly showed them my “big catch” of the day. Carl slapped Ian across the chest with the back of his hand, his eyes wide, laughing. “Isn’t that your anti snoring mouthpiece, what was it, Good Morning Snore Solution thing your wife got for you and insisted you wear?”

Ian looked quite sheepish as he shrug his shoulders. “I do have one,” he muttered, “but that isn’t mine. I’m quite attached.”

We had a good laugh – it’s not every day that you pull up an anti snoring device from the deep. It’s even better when your buddy has a matching one at home.