How It All Started

Hi. My name is Lee, and I am a fish-o-holic.

All joking aside, I truly love to fish. I love to get my gear and slip out into the water, before the sun is fully up. There’s not much in the world that can beat that for me.

Except for maybe a few good friends to join in. Which is where I got this crazy idea to make this Angler’s Consortium. A little piece of the internet to share our love for fishing with each other. To share my stories and hear yours.

There’s this sense of brotherhood in fishing that I’ve come to respect. I want this Consortium to reflect this. A place, online, where fisherman from all over can come together to just be. Be understood. Be respected. Be an amazing angler.

I know it’s a bit strange for a Consortium to exist online and not in person. But I feel there is something of value to men across the miles coming together over their love of fishing, swapping stories, and encouraging one another.

I hope you’ll settle in and cast out a line to stay awhile. Feel free to contact me here. Looking forward to getting to know you.