My Advice When Looking For a Snoring Solution

Do you snore a lot? Do you snore lately because of your tiring daytime activities? Well, you’re not alone because I do too, or used to.

While we all know that it is a normal scenario for men to snore when they sleep, it isn’t just based on gender alone. Though men tend to snore more, both sexes are at risk. You see, snoring is caused by several factors such as our physical disposition and our habits. Snoring can be an effect through the structure of our mouths, allergies, being overweight, pregnancy, age, alcohol and drug consumption, sleeping positions, medicinal intake, smoking, dehydration, and not to mention stress.


Being a hobbyist on fishing, snoring took a toll on me too. Being out in the sun for quite long angling is an exhausting task and leaves me weary by the end of the day. Apart from that, when I’m not casting lines and holding rods, I become stressed with work. When I have to get up the next day, snoring got me fatigued no matter how many hours I’ve dozed off. By the time this problem had affected my wife, I knew it was time to draw a line.

I’ve read many remedies upon looking for a snoring solution, but among these, the mouthguard for snoring for a zyppah review has caught my attention. There were the commons ones as well like limiting my alcohol and drug intake, lessening my smoking sessions, changing my sleeping position, alleviating my stress, and many others.

What’s in the Review?

One thing I like about the review is that it isn’t sugar-coated in any way; it’s very direct and honest, and it points out the pros as well as the cons in an equal manner. It tells you everything you need to know about Zyppah; its structure, features, and how it stands out from other snoring mouthguards.

Snoring mouth piece

What is Zyppah?

Designed by Dr. Johnathan Greenburg, it is a snoring mouthguard specifically made for people who snore because of the physical structure of their mouth. Like all its competing devices, it’s a mandibular repositioning tool—it holds your lower jaw forward to prevent it from falling backwards near your throat which causes snoring. Apart from that, the stand-out feature of Zyppah is that it also holds your tongue in place to avoid it from falling back especially when you lay flat facing the ceiling. Moreover, it has an elastic band to prevent gag reflexes when you sleep.

My Personal Opinion on the Product

Truthfully, I got what I paid for and all things I expected happened. I experienced discomfort on the first few nights of putting it on but eventually got the hand of it. For an expensive product, I tell you, it truly is worth it. Don’t settle for the cheaper varieties because you will feel unsatisfied the night after. It might look a little awkward putting it in your mouth while you sleep but looks can be very deceiving. My wife has been very satisfied with the product as I seemed to snore less now, she can sleep soundly too. I’m very glad I clicked on and read the zyppah accurate review because my nights catching Zzz’s has been better ever since I tried out the product.